Camping Solar Shower Bag


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Product Introduction
Product name:Outdoor camping 20L shower bag
Material:Rubber plastic cloth pattern PVC
High quality material
The solar shower bag is composed of waterproof and environmentally friendly materials and PVC coating. The materials used are harmless to human health, but can quickly absorb sunlight for heating. No matter where you are, you can take a refreshing shower.
Easy to use
The small and lightweight foldable portable shower bag can easily fit into a travel bag, without taking up too much space, making it very suitable for travel. After enjoying outdoor activities, hang the shower bag on a tent or tree branch to take a shower. Easy to assemble and switch between shower and faucet.
Product Design
The convenient shower bag can easily hold up to 20 liters of water, so there is enough water for bathing. Intelligent black PVC material can effectively absorb solar energy to heat the water inside the bag. It heats water to 113 ° F (45 ° C) under direct sunlight for 3 hours.
Shower bag with shower head
This advanced shower head provides a simple on/off switch for water flow from low to high. It is equipped with a detachable flexible shower hose, with an on/off spray slider, shower head, and faucet. Easy to assemble and switch between shower and faucet. Easy to control water flow.
Black PVC absorbs sunlight and heats the water in the water bag, which is energy-saving and healthy. You can take a shower directly.
Widely used
Outdoor shower bags are very suitable for outdoor survival, camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, picnics, barbecues, or hunting. Or wash dishes and bathe pets.
Shower Assembly
1.water bag
3.Support rods
4.Nylon rope accesorios



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